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Pediatric Chiropractic

Natural chiropractic care can help children get off to a healthy start in life. It can remove interference in the nervous system and allow children to function optimally. In addition to promoting proper development, chiropractic care can address an array of common childhood conditions. These include

  • Bedwetting
  • Colic
  • Ear infections
  • Latching difficulties
  • Athletic injuries

Please have your child wear comfortable clothing. They are welcome to bring a snack or some toys with them. Then we would sit down and do a consultation, review their health history and provide a pertinent physical exam for the child.

Dr. Perrin then may provide your child with an adjustment.

When you bring your child back for this appointment she will review her proposed treatment plan for your child with you.

Do you adjust kids a certain way?

Dr. Perrin always adjusts children gently. She has many techniques at her disposal. These include Diversified, Activator Methods®, and Thompson.
If my child's nervous about their first chiropractic adjustment, how do you put them at ease?

Dr. Perrin will explain to them what’s going to happen. She seeks to gain their trust. Sometimes it just takes a couple of visits for kids to get comfortable. “If their parents have been patients, I might do an adjustment on them so the child can see how it’s done,” she said. If your child wants to bring in a doll or Teddy bear, Dr. Perrin can “adjust” that doll or stuffed animal to demonstrate what’s going to happen.
Is chiropractic care safe for children???
Yes, because no medication is involved there are no associated side effects.
What makes chiropractic care different in your office and how is your approach different from another chiropractor?

As Dr. Perrin’s mother had a daycare business in her home, Dr. Perrin learned quickly how to interact with children and make things enjoyable and fun for them. She also has taken additional classes in pediatric care.

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