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Escharotic Treatment at Orchard Natural Medicine

laser beam imageCervical escharotic treatment is a safe, non-surgical and less invasive treatment alternative to loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP), cryotherapy, conization and laser ablation for women who have been diagnosed with cervical dysplasia–a pre-cancerous condition of the cervix. Cervical escharotic treatments have been performed in individuals with positive high-risk HPV status in addition to being diagnosed with CIN I, CIN II or CIN III.

Dr. Perrin is proud to be offering her patients this treatment to help them heal their cervix without the surgical intervention of having multiple LEEP procedures, which cut away at the tissue of the cervix.

The LEEP procedure also can potentially create difficulty carrying pregnancy later because the cervix has been thinned.

What Does It Involve?

The procedure uses a mixed solution that is applied to the cervix directly during a treatment session and the treatment sessions last anywhere from 10-15 minutes. The purpose of the treatments is to gently remove abnormal cervical cells and HPV-infected cells without harming the cervix.

On average, we recommend 10-12 treatment sessions, with the patient coming in once a week. Depending on the patient’s case that treatment frequency can be tweaked. After the 10 to 12 sessions, we wait six weeks and then have the patient repeat their pap with HPV testing to see if they’re fully clear or if it will take a few more sessions to heal the cervix.


Is the treatment painful?

Escharotic treatment can be uncomfortable as the procedure involves the insertion of a speculum and the use of an herbal solution applied directly to the cervix.

Women may experience mild cervix discomfort or burning during treatment, a short period of menstrual-like cramping afterward and some discharge over the next few days as their body works to heal their cervix. For the most part, however, the majority of women tolerate the procedure very well with minimal discomfort.

Who is an ideal candidate for this treatment?

Escharotic treatments are recommended for women who are diagnosed with high-risk HPV or cervical dysplasia and looking for a safe and effective alternative treatment. Treatments such as LEEP and other invasive conventional medical treatments can scar the cervix and lead to future complications including infertility, miscarriage, and preterm labor.

Is the treatment new?

No, naturopathic doctors have been using cervical escharotic treatments for decades to successfully address cervical dysplasia and HPV.

Are there other healthy lifestyle habits I should follow along with my treatment?

Yes, Dr. Perrin will provide you with dietary and supplement recommendations to help strengthen your immune system so it can help your body heal from the high-risk HPV infection and cervical dysplasia.

Is there other information available about the treatment?

Yes, we recommend the book Painting a Target on HPV: Dr. Nick’s Natural Treatment for Cervical Dysplasia.

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